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Lead designer integrating InHome to be a part of the Walmart+ team.
InHome is now a premium plus-up which can be added onto any Walmart+ membership.  

// Art direction for Photo & Video Shoots, Marketing Materials, Illustration & Icon Design, UX/UI, Motion Graphics, Mentoring & Planning

Art Direction

Art direction on an InHome video and still shoot pre integration.
The goal was to create three spot’s showcasing InHome for the holidays with masks due to current safety protocols.
// Visual Direction, Casting, On Set Feedback, Shot, Prop, & Usage Lists, Notes For Post Edits, Final Selections

Van Redesign

One of the first updates for InHome’s integration was made to the van. The ask was to streamline the design within Walmart’s guidelines for a cleaner look
The final design was applied to all 9 van variations in the fleet. This entailed working closely with vendors and leadership tweaking dyelines as needed.

Previous Van Design 

Updated Van Design


A major undertaking of integrating InHome into the larger Walmart+ branding was addressing their use of illustrations. InHome primarily used illustrations in their messaging while Walmart+ uses lifestyle imagery.
The illustrations were also in a different style and color palette than the rest of Walmart which were resolved in two parts.

Phase 1

Align the color palette of the InHome illustrations with Walmart+. In order to differentiate Walmart+ from the larger company their aesthetic is primarily white in contrast to the rest of Walmart which is blue.
A softer palette was settled on which used pops of yellow to highlight the focus of each piece.

Phase 2

Redrew and recolored all illustrations used within the app and other materials.
By working closely with various teams and stakeholders I was able to combine the new softer palette with Walmart’s illustration style. This resulted in a more elevated and open feel for the illustrations while still being familiar for all Walmart customers.

Email / Motion Graphics

Successfully advocated to streamline InHome’s email creation process resulting in cutting the time for delivery by more than half through diligent conversations with leadership.

Site Landing Page

New device landing page used to educate customers about Walmart+ InHome. Worked with Copy and UX teams to make sure all all images and copy fuctioned properly across devices.