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There are only 5 statues honoring women in NYC and 145 honoring men. We partnered with Hulu to bring awareness to this disparity aligning with the season 3 premier of The Handmaid’s Tale. To do this we created a custom article hi-lighting the issue alongside installing 145 mirrored statues in NYC for a one day eye catching event.

From a distance the mirrored surface made the statues appear almost invisible symbolizing just how fleeting the representation of women can be. Up close the mirrors gave people the chance to see themselves reflected in each statue, reminding them that history should represent all of us.

// Article Design, promotional and social graphics, supporting materials, art direction for motion graphics 

View: The Shape of History Article  |  Video From The Event

Recap Video

Map Funtionality

Infographic Process

Social Post Graphic: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter 


Supporting Materials Created for The Instillation
(Statue Base Placard, Brand Ambassador Shirts, Flyers, Legal Signage)